Accounts Receivable

An efficient cash flow process is the backbone of every business. Optimizing the accounts receivables process is key to ensuring that companies get back their payments in a shorter duration of time, improve their collection rates and ensure faster processing of invoices. It also saves on valuable time which can be devoted to pursuing core business activities that lead to higher profits.

Our online tools make it easy for our clients and their staff to communicate with us. That way, they can be in the field and send us the information from their laptop/phone. Once we get the data, we turn it into an invoice and send it back for approval. Alternatively we can also log into our client’s invoicing platform to process the information for them.

Our AR Service Process Includes:

Benefits of Outsourcing AR Services to CTS

  • Reduced delinquencies and bad debt
  • Increased cash flow and recoveries
  • Elimination of unapplied credits
  • Minimized overhead costs
  • Better management of cash flow

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