Bank Reconciliation

Maintenance of documents and tallying with the bank statements is essential for account perfection and also to detect any fraudulent activity or error. Failing to implement a checking account reconciliation process on a regular basis creates all sorts of problems.

Our bank reconciliation services designed to quickly identify, track, and resolve discrepancies combined with a team of certified accountants make the bank reconciliation process streamlined and accurate for any organization, be it large or small.

We serve as an extension of your business accounting. Each professional is assigned to only a single client, which helps them in developing specific knowledge required for that particular client.

By creating a customized solution after systematically understanding your bank reconciliation requirements, we manage your bank reconciliation tasks in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Our Bank Reconciliation services includes:

  • Reconciliation of bank records with internal records
  • Reconciliation of credit billings with internal records
  • Reconciliation of the General Ledger with invoices or tax invoices

Benefits of outsourcing Bank reconciliation services to CTS:

  • Helps in better and more efficient maintenance of books of accounts
  • Discrepancies between cash and bank pass book is detected and resolved easily
  • Ability of accounts department personnel to concentrate on more important issues
  • Maximize ROI
  • Less paper work, reduced confusion

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