Data is growing astronomically and that most the growth comes from unstructured data. According to the EMC® sponsored IDC study on the Digital Universe1, the amount of unstructured data in 2020 is expected to be around 44 ZB.There are cameras everywhere.  Many organizations are conducting extensive video surveillance both inside and outside their facilities.  Much of this data is held for 30 to 90 days, then the data is deleted.  We are also learning that some of these files can be held for much longer periods. The cost of storing all the data on premise continues to grow as higher resolutions create larger files.

We believe that the Dell EMC Isilon® data lake is the key enabler to address the growing challenge to store, manage, protect, and analyze all this data of an enterprise.

Businesses are looking to leverage the cloud to cut costs, simplify IT management, or gain virtually limitless storage capacity. Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools software provides policy-based automated tiering that lets you seamlessly integrate with the cloud as an additional storage tier for the Isilon cluster at your data center.

This allows you to address rapid data growth and optimize data center storage resources by using the cloud as a highly economical storage tier with massive storage capacity for “cold” or “frozen” data that is rarely accessed. In this way, your more valuable on premise storage resources may be used for more active data and applications, while frozen data may be retained at minimum cost and administrative burden for compliance, historical, or other business reasons. CloudPools enables you to optimize storage resources and gain cloud scale storage capacity while reducing overall storage costs.

Cloud Tech Services offers storage solutions from other partners for on premise storage solutions.

As with all infrastructure solutions, we look at all options through the eyes of our customers based upon their needs and statutory requirements for digital storage.