Data Migration to New HCI

In today’s digital world, data is your most critical business asset – and the lifeblood of the enterprise. As your company’s repository of business-critical information grows and your data availability requirements become increasingly demanding, downtime – and its impact on your bottom line – is unacceptable.

Also, operational, technical, and business requirements impose constraints on the data migration process. Add to this reality the resource demands on your staff, infrastructure, and systems; technical incompatibilities; and the potential for data corruption or loss; and it’s easy to see why data migration is a major IT challenge.

Our extensive experience in data migrations has taught us a great deal about the process and allowed us to make some helpful generalizations. But it has also proven that no two migrations are the same. Consequently, the most important part of migration is to develop an in-depth understanding of your business and migration process that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

From more than two decades of experience in data migrations, we understand the keys to ensuring success.


We bring our migration expertise to every engagement. We help insure customer satisfaction by significantly reducing the time to complete migration projects.

Our first step is the CTS Health Check which upon completion, generates a report.  Once we have that in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, we can quickly find potential issues that could slow or stop a successful migration to your new infrastructure.

While every migration is different, each one we perform follows a proven seven-step methodology. It begins with Discovery and Assessment Services that involve a strategy workshop, a discovery process, and extensive analysis and planning.

From there our team of experts take over and do the migration. Most migrations are completed up to 30% faster than if your team did the migration themselves.