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We provide a full range of quality Storage as a Services (STaaS)

Cloud Tech Services,Inc

Cloud Tech Services, Inc. provides end-to-end solutions to the public and private sectors. Cloud Tech Services, CTS, solves customer problems by using modern data centre infrastructure, proprietary tools, and industry best practices that integrate technology, people, and processes to help design, implement and manage customers’ IT infrastructure. 

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High quality standards, modern equipment.


CTS provides turnkey managed solutions to customers based on their specific needs.


CTS solutions provide quantifiable business value to customers that help them transform their IT estate and secure valuable data.

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CTS Cloud Storage providers for Digital Transformation

With CTS – STaaS, enjoy automated storage operations with our technical experts ready to deliver the best experience. Choose our services to migrate the data and workload efficiently, and we will help enhance the internal team with our experts.  

Storage management is complicated with numerous challenges that are not visible with the As-a-service model. Therefore, we try to simplify the process and help our customers achieve speed and agility in their IT operations.

The top drivers for the adoption of pay-per-use models are:

  • Customers can align the cost of applications to the infrastructure.
  • Visible reduction in the capacity costs.
  • Improved business outcomes are possible.
  • We can quickly move workloads to scalable infrastructure.
  • With the use of OpEx-structured budgets, you can conserve capital.
  • Automation and offloading of the IT chores are more accessible than ever.
  • An essential benefit is the Improved hardware, latest software, professional services, and support 24/7.

Cloud Tech Service – Storage as a Service (STaaS) offers a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

  • Buy infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Manage core elements of their environment
  • Real-time Consumption assessment 
  • Experience a cloud-like environment and agility

Significant Benefits of Storage as a Service Model:

  • OpEx subscription model helps in optimizing the storage costs.
  • Instant scalability and provisioning in storage resources as per business growth.
  • Reliable in nature and innovative in pricing.
  • Provides a Simplified storage management environment for your business.