Bringing Law and Order to Long-Term Data Storage


Storing and managing increasing volumes of data is a major challenge in every industry. Public authorities are no exception as police departments across the country are finding.

Around one-third of the country’s 18,000 state and local police departments have adopted body cameras as a way to provide evidence, reduce excessive force and reduce complaints. However, while initial equipment expenditure is high, departments find that the real long-term cost lies in data storage, and it’s growing.

Data Volumes Accelerating

Experts estimate that city department generate around 10,000 hours of video a week, and force with 1000 officers creates more than 300TB of data per month.  Retention periods vary in line with the nature of the crimes and local policies set by District Attorneys.

Experience indicates that two and a half years might become the average with longer retention periods for serious charges such as murder. That makes efficient data management an equally important part of the storage solution.

New Storage Solutions Needed

The growing volumes of data make local storage on CDs or servers inefficient. Police forces are turning to independent storage specialists for support. Cloud Tech Services and Dell-EMC offer a complete solution to not only medium and large police departments but, a shared solution for small police departments in a county jurisdiction.

While some departments looked to “by the officer monthly charges”  to reduce costs, many found they were exceeding their limit within the six months. It’s clear that a more flexible, efficient solution is needed.

Best Practice Essential

On-premise “scale-out storage” should be the primary destination for body cam data storage, but to reduce the long-term cost, it should be combined with a cloud provider such as AWS, Azure or Virtustream Storage Cloud.  The effect is to create CloudPool though automatic migration from tier to tier with automatic deletion based upon policy.

That means any solution must include processes and best practice for migration, management, and monitoring of data, together with guaranteed availability in line with local retention requirements.

Symposium Focuses on Body Cam Data Storage

The company has conducted a statewide survey of Texas law enforcement and IT professionals on how video files are managed, the average file generated by the department on a weekly basis, and the amount of time spent on file management. The survey information will be used to develop a comprehensive set of best practices and cost-cutting options as part of a turnkey solution.

Police departments will have an opportunity to find out more at a half-day Symposium on The Long-term Impact on Police Body Cam and Digital Storage on February 21, 2017, at the Marriott Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas.

The keynote address will be made by Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas and the event will include speakers from sponsors Dell-EMC and Cloud Tech Services Inc.

For more information on the Symposium please visit

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