Effective management of ROBO environments without on-site expertise

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Branch offices in remote locations often lack the full IT infrastructure capabilities of the main office which typically run on traditional datacenter platforms with separate servers, storage arrays and networking. Additionally, it is also not economically viable to follow conventional datacenter platforms considering the constrained space of a remote office and its limited power requirements. It is highly inefficient and expensive to manage a branch using on-site IT expertise since maintaining different levels of IT infrastructure requires special training which when compounded across multiple branch offices drastically slows down the intended pace of your typical work-flow. ROBO solutions aims to bring down the massive amounts of IT resources needed and thereby streamlines the functionality of the enterprise.

Challenges Faced in ROBO Environments:

  • Needs dedicated technical staff for each branch office locations which makes it unaffordable for SMB’s who want to reach the enterprise level.
  • Legacy tools are inadequate in handling the vast amounts of data generated by each and every branch office
  • Complex management systems have to be drafted and set-up in order to maintain the unique data handling requirements of the individual branch offices
  • Branch offices often do not enjoy the full extent of data center services present in the main office or in any other single site companies
  • Big companies usually manage branch offices by using a couple of servers for individual locations to a full cluster with SAN which by itself is highly inefficient, it also struggles to fit the scale of SMB’s who try to branch out.

Elevating ROBO Performance with HCI Solutions:

Hyperconverged Infrastructure combines compute, storage, data backup and recovery into a highly efficient and scalable solution for ROBO environments, the combined benefits of which range from cost-effectiveness and improved efficiency to overall storage handling capability enhancement.  It becomes an organizational nightmare to run multiple different remote sites with a centralized IT infrastructure. HCI simplifies this structure by providing all the sites with identical administrative capabilities which consequently eliminates any and all need for on-site expertise.

Data Protection:

Data generated at a branch office is as crucial as the data generated in the main office. HCI solution can compress and deduplicate the data and manage it in its reduced from. With hybrid cloud this storage capability is even more enhanced without any need for WAN accelerators to regulate the data transfer. This kind of infrastructure also makes the need for on-site expertise redundant.

Enhanced Storage:

Solutions like Hybrid cloud which offers scalable storage solutions makes it easier to aggregate the storage capabilities of each nodes into a shared collective for better and enhanced performance. Such an infrastructure also meets the requirements of an individual site with its limited space and power footprint. This opens up possibilities for SMB’s who want to reach the enterprise level by giving them an economically viable solution by eliminating the need for individual servers in each branch office

Consistency in Performance:

HCI solutions enhanced with Hybrid cloud mirrors the IT resource proficiency of the main office to all its branch offices and also extends unique administrative authority to the individual sites. This helps maintain uniformity in performance and IT management.


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