How Hyperconvergence Frees IT Staff Resources


Hyperconvergence vastly enhances the IT infrastructure of a company by extricating IT staff and associated resources. Hyperconverged infrastructure is more than just about revamping the data centre.  It also offers high scalability without the need for constant intervention and evaluation by a dedicated team. IT staff and other extra resources usually allocated for the IT department can now be properly channelized to focus on the primary objective of the business. The amount of skill set required to manage the Hyperconverged infrastructure is typically lesser than what is required for a traditional data centre environment.

Increasing Efficiency:

In a traditional data centre environment departmentalisation of the IT section has led to inefficiency as dedicated staff and specialists must work separately and then corroborate the findings with others. This needlessly stretches the work-chain and slows down the overall process. This also leaves the infrastructure vulnerable to human errors.

In a Remote Office/ Branch Office environment a dedicated IT team is set up to extend the full organizational capabilities of the main office  to the various branch offices. Such an organization is simply not viable for small and medium sized businesses as it might end up being inefficient. With Hyperconverged infrastructure even SMB’s can reach the level of an enterprise.  The hardware requirement and support required is almost same for the entire hyperconverged ROBO environment. This eliminates the need for additional IT staff personnel for every branch office

Paring Down Cost and Complexity:

One of the major selling points of the Hyperconverged Infrastructure is how it simplifies the work-flow and complexity of a traditional data centre environment.

  • Low Maintenance: Hyperconvergence has high scalability which adapts based on a company’s varying organizational requirement. It takes care of itself without needing constant human intervention. High maintenance required for data centre hardware is not needed in an Hyperconverged Infrastructure environment
  • Reduced Power Requirement: By getting rid of servers, hard drives and associated hardware like WAN accelerators or SSD caches the electrical and cooling requirement can be effectively reduced. Reduction in power requirement compounds to large savings in the long run.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: The investment required to set up hardware for a data centre is higher which will be even more if we consider the maintenance charges and IT staff required to handle the maintenance

What It Means For the IT Staff:

Hyperconvergence does not mean redundancy for the IT team. This just eliminates a chunk of the traditional infrastructure tasks while also increasing capabilities. Statistics shows us that IT staff members constantly complain about being over worked. With Hyperconverged infrastructure IT staff and resources can finally be used to their maximum potential on the core objective of the business instead of being used to perform maintenance jobs.

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