Real Time Investigation with Gen 2 Bodycams


Body worn camera (BWC) has become more than just a tool that provides accountability. It has transcended the position of being just a technology that delivers hard, unbiased evidence. Police body cam has proven to be effective in reducing the number of heated incidents between civilians and the police. As technology marches forward, the magnitude of generated data for surveillance and evidence collection is increasing in accelerated progression.

BodycamData and Associated Complications:

The body cam data explosion is rising steadily with no decrease in momentum anytime soon. One of the major problems associated with first generation bodycam is the amount of data generated and hidden costs. Organizations like the police department have inconsistent demand for data which might rise and fall based on the likelihood of incidents where the police force is expected to intervene. In such cases it is not feasible to use traditional data centre environments like the ones used by corporations. That is where cloud technology comes into play. With its high scalability and need for lesser resources it becomes a perfect platform for handling bodycam’s inconsistent data generation.

Beyond Evidence:

Bodycams have long been looked upon as a tool to heal the police-community relationship with its accountability factor. By providing evidence and by acting as an eye that watches over as the events unfold, bodycam deters any unwanted confrontations from happening. Typically the bodycam records happenings from the POV of the police officer which is later analyzed for investigation and also used as evidence. With the recent rise in terror attacks and changing global dynamic, it has become prudent to analyze and report on crime patterns for which footage from bodycam is proven to have helped more than any other surveillance technology. All that being said, the need of the hour demands more than just the culmination of evidence. Real time investigation is now possible with second generation bodycams.

Real Time Investigation:

First generation bodycams come up with problems such as hidden costs and complications associated with data storage. 1st gen Bodycams uploads data via WI-FI or through docking mode which is later used to find what went wrong where,but what if the situation can be controlled as it unfolded? Second generation Bodycams streams the video live to the situation room, so if any rise in tension is identified, immediate resolution can be implemented and the situation can be contained. 2nd gen bodycams are easy to implement and act as a primary resource in bringing real time investigation to reality. With the help of cloud storage, gen-2 bodycams provide unlimited storage and which also can be controlled by the officer’s mobile phone. From being a tool that helped analyze situations bodycam has transcended to a place where it enhanced the surveillance landscape and helps prevent crimes by extending the reach of the police force to unprecedented levels.

Cloud Tech Services along with its partners Verizon Wireless and Virtual Labs offers best of the breed Gen2 body cam solutions and generation two body worn camera for free with an updated replacement every 10-12 months.

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