Consulting and understanding the client's requirements.

CTS  experts believe in providing the best solution to secure your business from unwanted threats and cyber-attacks. In the past decade, we witnessed tremendous growth and advancement in information technology. Data is the new oil; it’s critical for any business to function.

With the increase in cyber-attacks and hacking threats, it’s essential to have an excellent cyber recovery partner. VTG offers a comprehensive methodology to address the cyber incidents and to protect customer data and business productivity. 


1. Analyze applications and create MVC

The first step in our method is to analyze the business applications and create a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. Although the MVC framework is an architectural pattern, it helps separate an application into three main logical components, model, view, and controller.

3. Three important MVC components are:

  • Model: It includes all the data and its related logic. In this step, the data representation to the user helps in defining the data storage location. 
  • View: Presents data to the user or handles user interaction. Here, the visual representation of the MVC model is designed to see the actual output. 
  • Controller: It provides an interface between Model and View components. The controller is a representation of the brain of the system and interlinks the system and user. 
Controller MVC

Design solutions to meet the business requirement.

Our team is committed to offering design solutions that are robust, cost-effective, and secure. Unfortunately, many applications are designed without initial security concerns, creating significant issues for the company at a later stage. However, experts at CTS are fully aware of the situation and always recommend beneficial and secure solutions per the organization’s business requirements.

Design and validate the backup solution

Our team may use predefined methods and technology for the backup, data center, and management components. If your data is validated and protected, then it serves significantly in maintaining a stable environment in case of data loss and failures. CTS works to provide support for the critical failure of any management component or for essential certificate updates and upgrades. 

We have completed many recovery operations in a small amount of time. We perform a scheduled backup before any significant task like updates.