Learn About HCI

CTS hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions are known for their simplicity and IT agility. Now businesses can easily maintain continuity, disaster recovery, and burst capacity. 

Our solutions will help business continuity with an improved and agile IT platform that facilitates employees to work remotely. In addition, a business can quickly scale public cloud and on-premises with the burst capacity feature. Finally, and importantly, in the event of site-wide outrage, use simple disaster recovery to achieve seamless performance. 

Hyper-converged solutions are gaining popularity due to their multiple features and advantages over others. The three most essential factors for the adoption of Hyper-converged Infrastructure are that it helps in reducing complexity, cost, and risk. In addition, resource pooling and dynamic allocation are significant advantages of HCI solutions. 

Hype converged Infrastructure

Working on the Hyper-converged Infrastructure

We need Four tightly integrated software components to build a hyper-converged platform, and they are: 

  • Storage virtualization
  • Compute virtualization
  • Networking virtualization
  • Advanced management capabilities with automation 

What Can We Do with the HCI Services?

Build a private cloud: Easily Install cloud-like infrastructure on-premises with affordable costs, better control, and increased security. Also, it provides the option to choose from several hardware possibilities.

Extend to public cloud: Select an as-a-service option from the HCI cloud ecosystem to achieve a faster deployment speed and less time spent managing the infrastructure.

Achieve true hybrid cloud: Handle a mix of virtual machines and container-based applications deployed across a data centre, public cloud, and edge environments with a CTS hybrid cloud.

Why choosing HCI for Business Continuity is a wise decision?

  • It offers a superior virtual desktop performance at a larger scale to improve user experience.
  • Agility is achieved with the cloud operating model on-premises, managed with familiar CTS tools. 
  • You can easily choose Pay-as-you-grow affordability with gradual scaling, including burst-capacity to the public cloud. 
  • Resiliency to local or site-wide outages is done with the highly available infrastructure and data recovery capabilities.