Making Right Choice

Best features for choosing the Right HCI Solution

Several factors are critical when evaluating HCI solutions, and they are: 

Edge-core cloud integration

An HCI solution allows an organization to change, upgrade and adjust as infrastructure needs change with time and requirements.

Data Analytics

Analytics plays a crucial role in understanding operations within an HCI environment. With this feature, you can get visibility through a centralized dashboard, and it also helps in analyzing the data and getting reports on events and incidents. As a result, we can understand different trends and perform capacity planning. 

Storage management

HCI solution providers should support setting up and configuring a diverse array of storage frameworks, managing, and adapting them as situations and environments change. In addition, it should support the block file and object-oriented storage. 

Hypervisor ease of use

It will help support multiple hypervisors. In addition, it will increase the flexibility and configuration options. Especially preferred in large organizations that rely on multiple cloud providers. However, for small companies, ease of use and manageability is more important than the ability to use multiple hypervisors.

Data Protection Integration

With the essential systems and services installed to protect your data, apply policy changes throughout the organization. The protection should be scalable and adaptable to adjust as per changes in conditions. Ideally, this feature will significantly improve manageability and reduces infrastructure costs. 

Container support

Container support is also becoming popular, and many vendors support containers or plan to do so soon in the future. 

Serverless support

Serverless support or serverless solutions that support code-triggered events. 

Cloud Tech Services makes all three of the top HCI solutions available to our customers.

Dell EMC VXRail

VXRail is the most effective selling HCI solution. With its tight connection to VMware and its industry-leading vSAN technology, it is perfect for clients with a VMware environment.

VX Rail


Nutanix offers unique advantages for those clients who have a mixed environment. Nutanix is available on Dell hardware, Nutanix infrastructure, or a “build it yourself” software solution.

Simplivity OmniStack Technology

Get the simplicity, agility, and affordability of cloud-based computing with the performance and resilience of on-premises enterprise infrastructure.

SimpliVity’s OmniStack software enables a robust set of hyper-converged technologies. It’s designed to work with any hypervisor or x86 server platform. OmniStack is the standard backbone of all SimpliVity solutions. Its capabilities guarantee enterprise data efficiency, unified global management, and built-in data protection.

The OmniStack technology comprises the Data Virtualization Platform software and the purpose-built Accelerator Card.

Simplivity OmniStack Technology
Building it Yourself

Building it Yourself

CTS can help you “build it yourself” on industry-standard hardware. This option can save 15% to 20%. CTS-trained and certified engineers would build to your specifications and install and train your team.