Storage as a Service- Overview

Simplified OPEX Storage Solution for Business Efficiency

Storage as a service (STaaS) is gradually gaining massive popularity among many customers. Significantly, the OPEX-based model for acquiring storage infrastructure is a popular offering and surging rapidly.

STaaS is popular due to its multiple benefits, which the traditional CAPEX purchasing model usually doesn’t offer. Numerous offers included in the OPEX model, like flexibility, higher performance, and increased capacity of resources for the organization is offered promptly. Also, the offerings include disruptive lifecycle management that is not affected by major refresh and decommissioning events associated with upgrading and replacing arrays.


Since many clients are concerned with the acquisition costs and operational costs that are essential for managing and maintaining the arrays, STaaS provides an alternative consumption model that is flexible and innovative in every manner.

We have highly qualified engineers with the required certification for integrating standards and policies. Reviews, document security procedures, and requirements are pre-defined before any CTS deployments, adhering to security standards and guidelines set out by the end customer.


Information is the life-power of the advanced enterprise⁠ — it drives the cutting edge and plans of action that push you ahead, quicker. Speed up your information driven modernization across edge to cloud with a cloud functional encounter the complexity and silos that are slowing you down.

Cloud Tech Solution

Convert faster with CTS for storage

Cloud Tech Services, Inc. provides end-to-end solutions to the public and private sectors. Cloud Tech Services, CTS, solves customer problems by taking advantage of modern data center infrastructure, proprietary tools, and industry best practices that integrate technology, people, and processes to help design, implement and manage customer’s IT infrastructure.

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Some Key Findings

  • Several studies have shown that Hybrid IT solutions are the future of infrastructure.
  • Today, many organizations are facing multiple storage challenges.
  • Evident in many cases, the transition from CAPEX to OPEX is difficult for many companies.
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS) can provide enterprise capabilities with OPEX pricing that is flexible and innovative.
Hybrid IT solution
Cloud Tech Services

Significant Features included in our suite:

  • A Cloud Tech Services authorized technical specialist will perform the installation.
  • Performing verification before installation will ensure service prerequisites are fulfilled.
  • We deliver the services at a mutually scheduled time convenient to your organization.
  • Our services will allow your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities.


Accelerate your business outcomes with the widest portfolio of on-premises cloud services, fast delivery, for the consumption-based experience model


Gain the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster. With roughly 70% of apps and data still residing on-premises, the Cloud Tech Services platform delivers the cloud experience across your edges, colocations, and datacenters.


Innovate faster and deliver on your business needs with customer-ready solutions built on the Cloud Tech Services platform and a robust ecosystem of partners, resellers, and service providers. The cloud experience is that simple..