Our Partners

Our partners are integral to delivering strategic business value to our clients. We have built strong relationships with some of the world’s leading cloud and IT solution providers, operating joint ventures to deliver customized solutions on time and within budget. 

With some of the most popular storage companies as our partners, we are ready to offer multiple offers and solutions to our customers that are customized and secure. When established companies come together to form new partnerships to help customers, something unique develops from the collaboration of the companies. It is always beneficial for the customers to receive an umbrella of services under one company.

Our partners

Well-known international companies

CTS – STaaS on-premises data storage collaboration will help our customers in several ways: 

  1. Get one subscription for file, object, and block storage needs, including upgrades and maintenance.
  2. Just pay for the storage you use in real.
  3. You will receive AI-Driven data storage management and predictive analytics from our experts.
  4. A genuinely world-class support team to help you at every stage of migration.
  5. Enjoy automated data protection with snapshots and improved disaster recovery options.
  6. Data is gathered from multiple resources and made available to the end-users quickly, safely, and securely.
  7. Simpler data backups and fewer interruptions during equipment and software upgrades.
  8. Free IT staff for higher value-based activities
  9. No need to forecast data storage capacity in advance.
  10. Real-time scaling of storage capacity to achieve flexibility and reliability.
  11. Achieve higher consistency with the on-premises and cloud-based applications.
  12. Reduction in CapEx and adoption of pay-as-you-go OpEx.