Proactive, Pre-Negotiated Contracts and Services

CTS offers flexible, cost-effective, Cyber Response commitments and services. Options include fixed cost assessments billed per month, quarter, or server. CTS aims to make cyber readiness more manageable and reactive scenarios smoother.

 In addition to fixed rates, CTS offers hourly billing for Cyber Response Teams. Pre-negotiate reactive services provide additional flexibility which to benefit business needs and requirements.

Once the Vendor signs paperwork, CTS is ready to be engaged to deliver security and result to ensure business success. 


6 Titles with Descriptions for webpage

  1. Cyber-attacks and threats: Some common cyber incidents we are familiar with include identity theft, fraud, and extortion. In addition, other common cyber incidents include malware, phishing, spamming, spoofing, spyware, trojans, and viruses.
  2. Risk management approach: The incident response management system becomes a crucial part of the organization. It can help organizations save huge amounts of money, data, and information. 
  3. Compliance Assessment: Get security certifications and attestations to help jumpstart the organization’s compliance efforts. CTS Rescue team builds and enforces adequate security controls to meet security and regulatory compliance standards. 
  4. Incident Response: We try to engage resources within hours of the incident to assist customers in quick business recovery.
  5. Incident Response Lifecycle: Six Phases of the Incident Response Lifecycle will help us understand the incident life cycle each time it happens. 
  6. Pre-Negotiated Contract: Assessment of fixed cost per month/quarter on a per-server basis, or you can choose an hourly rate for the incident response.