Surveillance Managed Services

Now more than ever, leaders on the path to digital transformation want an unbiased perspective, an integrated strategy, a flexible model, and a cost-effective roadmap to success.

With our managed services, you can enhance company’s end user’s capability. It helps the in-house team to concentrate on strategic IT programs. It also empowers your business to focus on core competencies. 

With time, managed service models have evolved a lot, and seasoned providers are quick to adopt and perfect their service delivery. Businesses that rely heavily on the IT infrastructure to support their business activities should adopt the managed services. It will help achieve desired outcomes without training new human resources. Timely maintenance, updates, reports, and recovery are available at the click of a mouse. 

On-Premise Video Surveillance Managed Services
Managed Services for On-Premise Video Surveillance Solutions

Managed Services for On-Premises Video Surveillance Solutions

Cloud Tech Services takes a holistic approach to best managing your on-premises or cloud video surveillance infrastructure and content. We view all clouds—whether public, private, on- or off-premises—as a single entity. It’s not a matter of which cloud works best, but how much of each cloud and storage capacity will best meet your needs. Our clients agree—this is the only way to realize measurable efficiencies.

Combined with a focus on business outcomes, our comprehensive view of managed services means Cloud Tech Services offers a consistent customer experience at every layer of the delivery stack—from infrastructure to applications. In addition, our experienced and expert advisors create value through guaranteed service levels, pricing, and resource allocation.

On-Premises Video Surveillance Managed Services

CTS can provide a complete turnkey solution for on-premises video surveillance. CTS can manage all infrastructure and manage tiering from on-premises to cloud to deletion. Together with our infrastructure partners, CTS will work with you to establish the appropriate automated solution to reduce the overall cost of video surveillance. When you engage Cloud Tech Services to manage and optimize your IT assets, you will get:

Faster time-to-value

Our customers see measurable value in months and years and days and weeks. See how scalable infrastructure and automation can help your IT organization modernize, industrialize, and optimize.

Operational peace of mind

Working with expert CTS advisors and operators, you can re-allocate valuable resources to strategic business initiatives – improve performance and user experience. In addition, our Global Service Centre is available 24x7x365 to mitigate operational issues and keep you moving forward.

Continuous improvement

Your internal teams will benefit from the knowledge and experience of trained industry professionals. Each CTS service advisor completes more than 40 hours of training per quarter to maintain product knowledge, certifications, and excellent delivery standards.

Predictable ROI

When you don’t have to build and maintain staffing around a new solution or service, your organization can focus on what matters—and turn capital expenses into manageable operating costs. Let CTS help you build and service your IT environment on and off-premises and with cloud-based solutions.