Why Choose CTS

  • CTS provides an end-to-end solution for all sectors & industries. 
  • CTS identifies the customer’s issues using recent technologies.
  • CTS owned the best expertise member who can address your unique challenges which are faced by the company to access the globe & provide them with an appropriate solution.
  • CTS has an organized structure & competitive in nature for your effective business productivity. 


Significant Benefits of Storage as a Service Model: 

  • Comprehensive Storage solutions offered with industry-leading Storage partners.
  • Get an advanced level of support with our core offerings.
  • Value-added services that are unique and innovative.
  • Our platform is designed to experience a cloud-like environment with IT agility. 
  • Make a proper consumption assessment of the Storage usage.
  • OpEx subscription model helps in optimizing the storage costs.
  • Instant scalability and provisioning in storage resources as per business growth.
  • Reliable in nature and innovative in pricing.
  • Provides a Simplified storage management environment for your business.

CTS Business Process

  • Analyze customer needs to build a business case with the availability, support, and DR requirements.
  • Build the solution with collaboration from the customer.
  • Migrate applications from the old infrastructure to new infrastructure using our proprietary tool ZENfra™
  • Operate and support the infrastructure daily to ensure the customer’s infrastructure meets the business requirements.

We provide extensive client support by a dedicated team of experienced with specific knowledge. Our experts are certified professionals who can solve your business requirements. 

Cloud Tech Services located in Dallas, Texas, with offices in Boston, Toronto, and a 24/7 Global Service Centre in Coimbatore, India.